Grindstone Bakery Testimonials

Don't just take our word for how great our bread and cookies are, see what our other happy customers have to say...


I am so happy. I'm fighting Celiac, Crohn's AND cancer and your bread is a godsend. I just made my second order; I'll be freezing some for emergencies and sharing some with good friends at Thanksgiving. I have always felt ill after eating "normal" gluten-free bread, but your bread makes me feel GOOD.


Thanks again for your bread. Everyone in our family, including my 16 month old, love it! Thank you!


Thank you for making these breads they are very good and I am able to tolerate them. It is very difficult for me to find a bread I can tolerate. So it is especially appreciated!!!
Thank you so much again for making these breads!


In a world of so much mediocrity you are a precious gemstone in the sand. Your Rye Bread is delectable!!!! Thank you for your dedication and world class excellence, with exquisite consideration for every aspect of a product that totally nourishes body and soul! If we all could have that much sensitivity to what we feed each other and how we are affecting the earth who gives us the raw materials, our life, our world would be closer to heaven as would all of our lives. You give me hope for the future of mankind. THANK YOU!


Greetings! Just wanted you to know that I received my lovely bread today. Cut and toasted the GF Ciabatta. . . oh so delish! Thank you!


Hi there, I just wanted to tell you how much I love your Sprouted Seeds Gluten Free Bread! I hope that it becomes available in more places. I bought mine at Erewhon in LA.


The breads are marvelous, we love them here.


I received the bread and love it. To be honest, it's the best bread I've ever eating in my life and will be ordering from you probably forever now. I'm hooked.


I wanted to commend you for expending the time and energy to produce such a great gluten-free product, the Quinoa-Millet loaf of bread. Hopefully, my family and friends will buy your loaves of bread for many years to come.


I purchased your quinoa bread yesterday at Cornucopia health food store in Carmel, CA and it is delicious! What a pleasant surprise to find this healthy and delicious bread. Thank you for all of the loving care that you obviously put into your products.

--JT Moore

Just wanted to thank you for such wonderful products. DG turned me onto your company and our whole family eats your bread every day (you can probably tell by our orders) and we are addicted! Thank you so much for making such healthy good tasting breads.


I just want to thank you for delivering your delicious breads to Andy's twice a week now. I pick up the rye (which sells out within two days) on your Tues delivery. Thank you also for bringing the banana barley on Friday when I get that loaf.


Thank you very much! Your breads are very, very delicious. I will definitely be ordering again. I really liked the quinoa & millet loaf and Ciabatta. Next time I will try the sprouts spelt bread too.


Just got your bread and couldn’t wait to sample it a bit warm with some butter. I tried the Bedrock Cinnamon … it’s delicioso!! Thanks so much for talking me into it.


I just wanted to let you know that the bread was really good and it also keeps really well even in the freezer. Thank you so much. Buone Feste!



We love your bread so much!!!!..... and so much easier to cut since it's not round any more! Thank you.

--Renate and Hugh

Just to let you know I love your bread! I first sampled it at Berkeley Natural Bakery. I instantly bought a loaf. Thank you!

--Christina, Bread Lover

...I just ate some of the flax loaf that I bought and it is SO satisfyingly delicious! I can't tell you how appreciative I am that I can enjoy bread again, thanks to your bakery! I'm gluten intolerant but I have no issues eating your breads that have been fermented through the sourdough process. But I also love your gluten free Quinoa Millet loaf.


i just wanted to tell you that i love your cookies! so good to have vegan, gf, non-gmo, organic baked goodies! the crumbly, wholesome grains taste delicious! my fave is the coconut chocolate chips! thanks for making them!



I just ate my second Grindstone cookie today. It was so delicious. I just had to write and express my sincere gratitude that you are baking these exceptional cookies. I'm a big BIG fan! I live in NYC and will be stocking up on cookies before returning.


You have all done an excellent job and baking cookies with exceptional ingredients and using artisan methods.


The bread just arrived and is perfectly fresh. Thank you for your excellent and prompt customer service. I appreciate your professionalism and look forward to ordering many more times from your bakery.


Your bread is one of the best that I've ever had in my life, including in Germany. Thank you for making it.


The other day I bought one of your loaves of rye bread at Green Meadows in Wenham, MA. Just now I baked it for 5 minutes at 375 deg and then! I ate a slice and was transported to my youth in eastern Germany where poeple ate real bread - ie Schwartzbrot! just like yours. The flavour is unique and no amount of molasses can ever match it. Thank you for that little trip in time when I ate Schwartzbrot and loved it.


I received your bread today, am now eating a slice of the Spelt loaf and don't have words to express my awe and gratitude for your artistry! May abundance come to you, and support in as many forms as needed for you to succeed in all ways as a baker, business, and divine soul expressing love through ancient traditions. The only Italian word I know is Brindiamo! Hope it fits!

--Karin at Hummingbird

I thought I let you know that the recent order of spelt breads turned out different/better than the previous ones. The breads seem more evenly baked. Did you change something? Well, keep doing what you are doing! I will stay your loyal customer!

-- Martina

Love your breads! Especially since I'm off dairy and weaning off gluten. The care and love you put into each loaf is apparent. But your packaging...yikes. Hard to open, usually tears apart, does not save plastic because I need to rebag it in a ziplock. Remember Joe's bread, that delicious, high quality bread with the home-baked look and taste? Joe had the same issue with inferior packaging. Penny wise, pound foolish. How about a traditional bag with a twistie-tie? Or the waxed-paper bags Barbara uses.